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Are you searching for a property where you will be able relocate with your family?  If you think that Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon will be the right place for you, we will ask you to hold back and think.

You need to consider if the location is ‘good.’

Remember, there are lots of things that would decide if you have found a ‘good’ location when you ask your real estate agent - Show me noida sector 75 apartments and elsewhere.

So, watch out and take a note.


  • Position

The position of your preferred location is the first criterion that will determine if your chosen location is a ‘good’ one.

By position, we mean to indicate towards the centrality of your preferred location. This means, your chosen location must be located in a central position which makes it easily accessible by major means of transport.

Position also indicates towards the proximity of your chosen location with that of hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, schools, colleges and offices.

  • Neighbourhood

The next parameter that will determine if you have selected a ‘good’ location is its neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood is definitely an umbrella term here that indicates towards the environment and culture of the neighbourhood as well as the type of people living in the neighbourhood.

Say for instance, the family that stays right next to yours is a family of criminals or murders. Then you will never be able to indicate the neighbourhood as ‘good.’

Similarly, if your neighbourhood does not maintain minimum civic duties like disposing off garbage in the right place and at the right manner and the condition is extremely unhygienic then you will again not be able to say that the location is ‘good’ either. 

  • Security

A safe and secured location can only be considered as a ‘good’ location.  

Security indicates that there would be professionally trained security personnel in the area where you are thinking of buying a house. These security personnel must be in charge of ensuring that you and your family members are safe when you are not around.

In addition to this, security of a location also means that there are no incidences of theft, burglary, trespassing, or any such criminal activity in the area.

  • Developmental prospects

There is yet another criterion that would determine if your selected location is a ‘good’ one. It is the development prospects of the area.

Let us elaborate this factor a bit.

The area must have options of development in terms of expansion of residential complexes, shopping areas, hospitals and all other aspects.

Development prospects of an area also indicate towards upcoming projects that are in queue in the area which might have been undertaken by the local authority or the government.

You need to find out information on all these aspects of development in order to understand that the location is a ‘good’ one.