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Myths, misconceptions and superstitions are part and parcel of almost everything under the earth, and the real estate industry is not immune against it too.

Now you may be interested to know about these myths, misconceptions and superstitions for sure.

So, here are some of them for you. Watch out!


  • Disposing off your misfortune

There is an age old custom in which you ask the real estate agent - Show me the best real estate in sector 75 Noida, buy it and then dispose away your old brooms and dusters in your previous residence before relocating to this new home.

This custom is believed to help you leave behind all your misfortune and distress in your old residence so that you can start a life full of happiness when you come to the new home.

We do not know if this has actually proved true for any homeowner. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether it is a myth.


  • Sprinkling salt at the corners

There is yet another tradition that is quite spooky. It says that you need to sprinkle salt at the four corners of your property as well as the entrance way if you get a feeling that there are some supernatural phenomena going on anywhere.

Now here we do have to say that you can try out this practice if you believe in ghosts and have really felt something eerie.

Nonetheless, those who do not believe in apparitions would definitely conclude it as a superstition.


  • Creating a pentagon with salt

If any of your family member or your pet or your very close one who used to stay in a particular room of your house has died recently, you might be quite disturbed about it.

But there are few people who feel scared about the fact that these spirits might haunt your house even after their death due to their attachment with you and your family.

The solution for this is making a pentagon at the centre of that room where the incident has occurred. For drawing this pentagon, you need some salt, and that’s it.

You are done.

This is again a belief that raises dichotomy of thought. Some believe that it is a full proof plan to ward off unwanted spirits, while others consider it as superstition.


  • Property number 13 summons bad luck

There is a universal belief all over the world that 13 is an unlucky number. 

This belief has got so immensely ingrained in the minds of some homeowners that they would even not buy a home that is either at the thirteenth floor or has 13 as its number.

You can straightaway consider this as myth because there is absolutely no logic behind this belief.

Rather, while people in USA and UK primarily 13 as unlucky, Italians consider 13 as lucky number for them. So, now you are supposed to make your own decision.