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Have you purchased a new home for your family and planning to relocate soon? Do you have a pet cat who is going to be your companion in this new home too?

Perhaps, you will be quite fond of your pet kitty like the way most pet owners are.  You might have asked numerous questions to your real estate agent too regarding the pet friendly features in your new home when you asked him for the first time - Show me the flats for sale in sector 75 noida or any other place.

But do you know you might be making some grave mistakes by thinking of planting indoor plants that can be lethal for your loving feline friend?

If you are curious to know more about these plants, here is a short list.

  • Barbados Aloe

You might have come across the aloe vera plant quite a number of times.  You might have also heard people recommending it as the most useful indoor plant.

Nonetheless, stay away from the Barbados Aloe if you have cat or dog in your house. Research has found that this plant is highly toxic for them and can create unprecedented situations if they accidentally chew it.

The most unfortunate part of it is that you will hardly be able to distinguish Barbados aloe with the common variant of aloe vera that you come across.

The only thing that might be of some help for you is that while a normal aloe vera turns yellow in drought condition, the leaves of Barbados Aloe will become reddish purple in the same condition.

  • Asian Lily

A common plant that adorns the balcony garden of many owners is the Asian Lily. The white colour of this tubular shaped flower with its blade like long leaves might impress you a lot.

The visual peace that this flower renders when you take a glance at it might tempt you to bring it in your balcony too.

But we would request you to hold on if you have a pet cat in your home.  This is because this Asian Lily is highly toxic for your kittie dear when swallowed

In dire conditions, you might even find your cat getting lethargic, vomiting and finally experience kidney failure and death.

  • Begonia

Begonia is an excellent choice when your balcony experiences low light throughout the day. This flowering succulent is sure to grasp all your attention.

Nonetheless, you should never choose it if you have a cat in your home.

Scientific research says that accidentally chewing of the leaves, flowers or any other part of begonia causes excessive salivation and vomiting in cats and dogs.

If things go unattended for a longer span, this poisoning can also lead to kidney failure.