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Lots of doubts and confusion emerge after purchasing a new property and moving into it as a new homeowner. Unfortunately, many such confusions remain uncleared too.

But here we are today to clear some doubts for you. Hopefully, you will find this helpful. So, start reading.

  • Q. 1. Is there any tip by virtue of which the best luxury apartment in a particular area can be found?

Ans. To be honest, there is no standardized rule that will calculate certain metrics and tell you Which is the best luxury flat in sector 75 Noida or elsewhere.   

However, there is still a way by means of which you can understand which are the excellent quality luxurious constructions in a particular area.  

Among these include the builder or the construction company that is making a project and the basic profile of customers that a residential project is targeting, starting property prices. 

  • Q.2 Do colour have anything to do with the appeal of a home?

Yes, of course. Choosing the right colour is cardinal in giving your home a look you deserve. For instance, if you select earthly tones for your exteriors, then it will bring a rustic pastoral look to your property.

Similarly, if you choose very dark colors for the interiors, they are bound to make your home look small and clumpy. 

  • Q.3. Is a home loan available for any property that I buy?

No, you do not get a home loan for all the properties that you purchase. Say, for instance, you have selected a property that cannot be registered in your name. You will not get any home loan for that property. 

Again, if the property you have chosen is more than fifty years old, even then it might be critical to get a home loan from all the accredited financial institutions. 

Similarly, a property that is on lease is also not financed by the majority of the financial organizations.

Thus, instead of drawing a definitive conclusion regarding home loans, it is always better to check with the financial institutions and know the possibilities of getting a home loan for a selected property.

  • Q.4. Is it vital to install a range of lightings in every room?

To be very honest, this is a very personal preference. If you are comfortable with a single tube light in a room, there is no hard and fast rule to install an ambient light or a ground light. But if you want a reading light in addition, then additional lights have to be installed. 

However, it has to be simultaneously admitted that an array of lights in a room creates different modes for sure.