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Have you bought a home recently?  

You must have followed all the rules and regulations that apply for legally purchasing a property in sector 75 Noida flats or somewhere else.

You must have followed the norms for registering your name as the owner of the property too.

We assume that you have planned for the ritualistic housewarming event too so that all the evils get expelled from your new home.

But do you know what people from all the corners of the world used to do when they purchased a new home and relocated?  Here are some of these traditions that will amaze you. Watch out!

  • Warding off apparitions from the porch

People in the earlier times believed that ghosts can haunt new houses and take control of the new property if proper steps are not taken.

They believed that the most full proof method for avoiding this is to paint the backside of the home or the porch at the backside in a watery blue tone. This will eventually give the ghosts a false idea that there is water all over the property, and they will not enter it.

You can try out this trick if you believe in ghosts.

  • Candles on the first night

The next tradition is also connected to the belief of people about the presence of ghosts in a property.

This tradition specifically comes from the idea that any property remains evacuated for a long time during its construction.

Further, the constructional workers leave for their homes after the evening when they have finished their work for the day.  As a result, the property remains deserted and vulnerable to supernatural occurrences.

Therefore, the first thing that a homeowner should do after relocating to a new home is to let the ghosts know that they must evacuate the property now.

The trick that this tradition recommended for that is to light a few candles or keep the rooms -illuminate the rooms on the first night of relocation.

If you think that this tradition is worth believing in, you can try out the prescribed trick.

  • An orange tree brings you good luck

You would certainly want your new home becomes the source of your prosperity, health and opulence.  Even the Chinese believe the same.

They follow a year old tradition to ensure that the relocation to the new house is filled with good luck and affluence.  They believe that an orange tree can ensure that you accomplish these desires.

Hence, they recommend that you plant an orange tree on your balcony, terrace, rooftop, or anywhere in your property to open the doors of good luck.

In case this age-old Chinese tradition appears satisfying to you, you can try it out to see how your life changes in your new home.