Customer Payment

Price List

Basic rate @ Rs. 16,000//- Sq. Ft. on Super Area
SUPER AREA 2511 SQ. FT. 2124 SQ. FT. 1656 SQ. FT.
BUILT-UP AREA 2091 SQ. FT. 1779 SQ. FT. 1334 SQ. FT.
CARPET AREA 1534 SQ. FT. 1264 SQ. FT. 1010 SQ. FT.
BASIC COST Rs.4,01,76,000/- Rs.3,39,84,000/- Rs.2,64,96,000/-
Club Membership Rs. 2,00,000/-
Parking Rs. 7,00,000/-
One Time Lease Rent Rs. 95/Sq. Ft.
Power Back up Rs. 25,000 KVA
IFMS (Payable on Offer of Possession) Rs. 40/Sq. Ft.
Park Facing Rs. 150/Sq. Ft.
Corner Rs. 100/Sq. Ft.
Road Facing Rs. 100/Sq. Ft.
Ground Floor Rs. 150/Sq. Ft.
1st to 3rd Rs. 200/Sq. Ft.
4th to 6th Rs. 250/Sq. Ft.
7th to 9th Rs. 300/Sq. Ft.
10th to 12th Rs. 250/Sq. Ft.
13th to 15th Rs. 100/Sq. Ft.
16th to 18th Rs. 50/Sq. Ft.

For calculation purpose the above rates will be charged on Super Area. It can be then converted back to carpet area for final costing.

Disclaimer: 1 sq. ft. = 0.0929 sq. mt., 1 sq. mt. = 10.764 sq. ft., 1 ft. = 0.305 mt. and 1 mt. = 3.281 ft.

80:20 PLAN
On Booking 10%
Within 30 Days of Booking 70%
On Offer of Possession (With 100% IFMS) 20%

Disclaimer: 1 sq. ft. = 0.0929 sq. mt., 1 sq. mt. = 10.764 sq. ft., 1 ft. = 0.305 mt. and 1 mt. = 3.281 ft.

1. Cheque/Draft to be made in favor of “Perfect Megastructure Private Limited” payable at Noida.

2. Prices are subject to change without any prior notice at the sole discretion of the company.

3. Cancellations, interest, and refund as per terms and conditions set out in application form and agreement for sale/sub-lease.

4. No escalation shall be charged for the apartment sold.

5.The building plans and units sizes are tentative and the Builder may make such changes, modifications, alterations, and additions therein as may be deemed necessary or may be required to be done by the Builder, the Government/Noida Authority, any other Local Authority or Body having jurisdiction.

6. The area mentioned is Super Area.
Super Area: (i) the entire area of the said flat enclosed by its periphery walls, including half of the area under common walls between two flats, and full area of walls in another case; area under columns, cupboards, window projections and balconies; and (ii) proportionate share of service areas to be utilized for common use and facilities, including but not limited to lobbies, staircase, circulating areas, lifts, shafts, passage, corridors, stilts, lift machine room, area for water supply arrangement, maintenance office, security/fire control rooms etc.
Built-up Area: Built-up area, as per CREDAI definition, shall mean the total Polyline(P.Line) area measured on the outer line of the unit including balconies and /or terrace with or without the roof. The outer walls which are shared with another unit shall be computed at 50% Remaining Outer walls are computed at 100%.
Carpet Area: Carpet Area is the net usable floor area of an apartment, excluding the area covered by the external walls, areas under services shafts exclusive balcony or verandah area and exclusive open terrace area, but includes the area covered by the internal partition walls of the apartment.”

7. Booking is subject to detailed terms and conditions as given in Application Form and Agreement to sell/Sub Lease or flat buyer’s Agreement.

8. Registration, stamp duty charges, service tax, GST and any other taxes extra as per government norms.

9. Cost of Registering Agreement to sell/Sub Lease or flat buyer’s Agreement as per RERA guidelines will be borne by the buyer.

10. The company and its agents do not endorse any kind of credit notes.

11. The amount paid by the intending allottee will be treated as application money and if for any reason, whatsoever, be it for a circumstance, within or beyond the control of the company/builder, the whole or part of the project is abandoned, the intending allottee shall have no claim of any kind against the builder, and the builder will be discharged of its obligations on the payment of the principal amount in full as received from the applicant, without any interest thereon.

12. This price list is for comparative purposes only. The flat shall be sold on a lump-sum price. This break-up is only for calculation/comparative purposes.

13. No plan change request will be entertained.

14. The company reserves the right to withdraw the payment plan at its sole discretion without any prior notice.

15. All parking will be allotted at the sole discretion of the company/developer. It can be mechanical or non-mechanical depending upon the technical feasibility of the project.

16. Interest penalty for delayed payment will be charged at an interest rate equal to MCLR (Marginal Cost of Lending Rate) on a home loan of State Bank of India as applicable on the date of registration of the project with UP-RERA Authority plus 1% pa shall be charged. Cancellation charges, restoration charges of canceled flat will be charged as per detailed terms and conditions of Application Form and Agreement to sell/Sub Lease or flat buyer’s Agreement.

17. Post-dated cheques to be given at the time of booking / Execution of Super Structure Plan (40:40:20)

18. Apart from the above-mentioned charges, charges for Electricity connection, Gas connection, water, and sewerage connection, dual meter or any other services will be charged extra at the time of offer of possession.

19. The total cost of the unit will be calculated on the Super Area on a bundle pricing method. However, if need be as per RERA guidelines if the calculation has to be done on the Carpet Area, it can be done factoring the Total Cost as per Super Area.

20. Any amount paid in terms of taxes to the government or authority concerned shall not be refunded.

21. The above prices mentioned here are after consideration of any input credit received and/or to be received under GST or other taxation policies.